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Mattaponi River near Zoar Nature TrailZOAR NATURE TRAIL TO AYLETT

Trip Length: 5 miles (approx. 3 hrs)
Season: Spring, summer or fall.
Skill Level: Novice+
Description: Our most popular excursion. This trip is ideal for individuals or groups who have limited paddling experience or can commit only part of a day on the river. Tidal influence is encountered in the last couple of miles, providing an excellent opportunity to observe the ecological differences between these two different systems within the context of a single trip. This section of river also provides nice scenery, swimming opportunities, wildlife viewing, and a great format to discuss the history of the region, including the origin of the "Village of Aylett" as a colonial port town and the affect the river has had on pre- and post-Civil War trade in the area.



Trip Length: 10 miles (approx. 6-7 hrs)
Season: Spring, and after heavy rains in the summer and fall.
Skill Level:Intermediate
Description: A trip from Mundys Bridge to the Zoar Nature trail provides paddling through a remarkably remote and beautiful section of the upper Mattaponi River. Wildlife abounds here, with opportunities to view wood duck, kingfishers, herons, beaver and sliders and, on occasion, turkey, river otter and bald eagles. Due to the trip length, remoteness and presence of occasional obstacles (fallen trees), we only recommend this excursion to individuals or groups that have had at least some recent paddling experience.



Trip Length: 7 miles (approx. 5 hrs)
Season: Spring, summer or fall.
Skill Level:Novice+
Description: This trip actually begins on the South Anna River, merging with the North Anna after approx. 1 mile to form the Pamunkey River. This non-tidal section of the Pamunkey boasts a relatively tranquil, remote and very scenic river "experience" with great opportunities for fishing, swimming and wildlife viewing. Fossil laden clay banks and a stand of Eastern Hemlocks (presumably a hold over from a much colder geologic period) are additional noteworthy features encountered during the course of this trip.



Trip Length: Variable (approx. 3-4 hrs)
Season: Spring, summer or fall.
Skill Level: Novice
Description: This excursion allows the participant to experience some of our finest examples of freshwater tidal wetland systems. The launch site is located on a beautiful alcove adjoining the Pamunkey River, near the reported site of Chief Powhatan's grave. The "flat water" conditions present at this location on the river make it ideal for individuals or groups with little or no previous paddling experience. Arranging a trip centered around the "flood" stage of the tide cycle, provides an opportunity to explore up several tidal creeks and marshes where extensive stands of wild rice occur. A trip on this section of the Pamunkey also provides an excellent opportunity to view Osprey, Bald Eagles and other waterfowl. A guided trip from this location includes a tour of the Pamunkey Indian Museum. (Guided trips only)


For more information on our rates, services and trip destinations, please feel free to contact us by email at contact@mattaponi.com, or call us toll free at 1(800)769-3545.

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